New England Vikings Road Rules

1. There will be no using illegal drugs or consuming of alcohol permitted on a ride. Anyone using drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the ride.
2. Arrive at the designated meeting place with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder ready to ride.
3. All riders must have a valid motorcycle license; a learners permit is not acceptable in a group ride.
4. If you are going to be late for a ride, please notify the Road Captain or Referee, we will wait for you, otherwise the ride will leave as scheduled.
5. Guests are always welcome on our rides (unless it is a member's only ride). You are responsible for your guest and it is your responsibility to inform him / her of the club rules before the ride. All guests must be introduced to the Road Captain or Referee before the ride commences.
6. The Road Captain will ride singly in the left, center or right third of the lane in front of the group; the second rider will determine the next position for the staggered formation. The Referee will ride singly to the rear of the riders.
7. During the ride the Road Captain will give hand signals and you are expected to pass them down to the riders in back of you.
8. The club will monitor CB channel 8 unless otherwise notified.
9. The CB should be used for informational purposes only. No unnecessary chatter, keep the channel open for instructions and / or information from the Road Captain or Referee.
10 Obey all rules of the road, STOP at stop signs, YIELD at yield signs and observe all other traffic signals, signs and laws.
11. The group will ride in staggered formation. At times single file will be required, the Road Captain will use hand signals and they shall be passed on to the next rider from front to rear.
12. All riders will observe the two (2) second rule while maintaining speed and uniformed spacing within the group. Do not ride up to the rider in front of you or lag behind.
(Two second rule) When the motorcycle in front of you (not the bike to the right or left) passes a fixed object count one thousand one, one thousand two at this time you should be adjacent to the fixed object.
13. When changing lanes, the Referee will block the required lane from the rear, when the lane is clear the Road Captain will move into the designated lane and the group will follow. Motorcycles will move from front to back always using head checks to assure the lane is clear.
14. When a vehicle signals (or not) to break into the formation, please give them the right of way. Your safety and the safety of others are our prime concern. (Even when you are right, in a motorcycle / automobile accident, you lose).
15. On a group ride only change position when a space appears directly in front of you. Proceed to move forward (passing the motorcycle on the right or left of you) to fill the gap. This will maintain a uniformed staggered formation.
16. Anyone leaving the group shall notify the Road Captain or Referee.
17. In the event of a breakdown or other motorcycle event, the Referee will stay with the rider and obtain help. The remainder of the group will continue with the Road Captain until a safe location to stop is found.
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